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Our 4 Step Process


This is where you, the domain expert, will teach us about your idea and the problem(s) it is solving. Together, we'll deep-dive into your solution(s), your target audience, your market segments, your competitive advantages, and more.

We'll break this down into a set of features and their details. Then we'll take this information and our product designers and technical architects will develop a product specification that will lay the ground work for the product blueprint.


This is where we take the product specification and flush it out with our expertise. We will make recommendations and provide details for how the product should be built. The artifact of this process is a detailed document, outlining step-by-step how the product should be constructed, hosted, and supported.

This document is yours to have. You can continue on with us to the 3rd step or you can choose to have someone else build your product for you. Whichever it is, we want what is best for you!


This is the easiest, but most expensive part of our 4-step process. At this point, we've built the product specification and the blueprint that our developers will use as a roadmap to build your product.

We refer to this as the easiest, not because there are no technical challenges (they always exist!), but because we have already spent a lot of time learning, researching, dissecting, understanding, and blueprinting the product and your vision for it. Due to this, our developers are able to move faster.

Launch & Repeat!

At this step, we'll be launching your product, together! We'll help you understand what tools and techniques exist to help you attain customers and track their usage within your product. We'll be there after launch to help you build customer traction, find a technical co-founder, build an inhouse team, or to repeat the 4 step process with us, with your next set of features.


...forward thinking, innovative and very easy to work with. There aren't that many people that are both a rock star developer and possess a knack for business strategy.

Jason Wenell - Director of Product

...precise, personable, and punctual. He took complicated requirements, and admittedly an unreasonable timeline, and delivered like a pro.

Matt Donovan - Director of Product & Design

Robert is the most gifted programmer that I've ever worked with or known personally. He understands technology, not just for the sake of knowing it...is able to take technology and see it from the business side and the end user's point of view.

John Moorhead - Director of Product Management

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